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Turkey’s pioneer chemicals company Akkim has finalized its 5-year R&D activities conducted since 2010 through realizing Akkim Water Solutions Project.

Akkim Water Solutions started operating in 2015 with the Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Module made of high quality PVDF manufactured with the Company’s own formulation.

This hollow fiber membrane module is used for physical treatment without changing the chemical characteristics of water. This system is the most advanced treatment method using cutting edge technology and is used by municipalities and industrial water treatment plants for treatment of waste water to bring it to a suitable level for the receiving environment discharge standards, in waste water recovery systems, for preparation of process and drinking water and in the most stable pre-treatment systems for reverse osmosis systems.

Leading the Ultrafiltration Membrane production sector with its pioneering investment in this field within Turkey and surrounding countries, Akkim started producing hollow fiber membrane modules in Yalova plant with a covered area of approximately 2800 m2 .

This plant is equipped with advanced control and air conditioning systems to meet production precision requirements and critical environmental conditions. A lab is established to conduct R&D activities and ensure product quality control and continuous improvement.

Akkim has been manufacturing Chlorine Alkali and derivatives, Methylamines, Persulfates, Peroxides, Bisulfites, Textile Auxiliaries, Paper and Water Treatment Chemicals in various locations throughout Turkey since 1977.

In addition to the existing vast product range to meet all your chemicals needs in Water Treatment Plants, Water Solutions founded in 2015 enabled Akkim to offer its customers a complete service and product portfolio capable of meeting all needs and requirements of treatment plants by providing Ultrafiltration Module, Engineering design and assembly solutions, After sales technical services and Consultancy services.

Akkim Water Solutions plans to continue its activities with innovations to be introduced in Turkish and global Water Treatment Industries in the near future.

For detailed information, please visit our Water Solutions website.

Please watch our short movie in order to get to know closer our Ultrafiltration technology.