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Ceramic Industry

Bodies and Glazes in Ceramic

USK® and RHEOLON® series of CMC are organic binders used in production of ceramic bodies and preparation of glazes. Although there are several processes for production of ceramics, CMC can be used in different phases of production, thanks to its versatile functions.

USK® and RHEOLON® CMC in the ceramic substrate production phase provide plasticity and strength to the body both in slurry paste and after drying.

Glazing is an essential process in ceramic production and USK® and RHEOLON® CMC play an important role;

√     Preventing sedimentation of solids

√     Rheology optimization of glaze suspension

√     Smooth and even surface

√     Adjustable drying time

Readily soluble in hot or cold water, USK® and RHEOLON® CMC is available in different grades for the ceramic industry.