{ Water based Paints, Adhesives & Construction Industry

Water based Paints, Adhesives & Construction Industry

USK® and RHEOLON® series of CMC are water soluble thickeners for water-based paint and coating systems.

There are few parameters in water based coating and adhesive applications looked for, when it comes to the thickener. which should be;

√     Fiber free

√     Easy to disperse and dissolve

√     Available in correct viscosity range

Having such properties USK® and RHEOLON® CMC help these water-based applications having an optimized rheology by providing effects of;

√     Anti settling of solids

√     Improved stability of the suspension over time

√     Water retention and thickening

√     Workability and open time

Dry mixes, latex based plasters, fillers and putties are other examples of application in construction industry. USK® and RHEOLON® CMC for such applications come in ‘easy to handle’ forms and available in different grades.