{ Flotation and Pelletization

Flotation and Pelletization

USK®, RHEOFLO®, RHEOLON® series of CMC are organic depressants commonly used in physico-chemical mineral flotation processes where non-valuable (gangue) minerals are separated from valuable minerals.

Functioning as a depressant reagent, during the process, USK®, RHEOFLO®, and RHEOLON® series of CMC depress the unwanted mineral particles by adsorbing on them, making them hydrophilic, consequently non-floatable, whereas valuable minerals are adsorbed by reagents called collectors, making them hydrophobic, consequently floatable to the surface by air bubbles.

USK®, RHEOFLO®, and RHEOLON® series of CMC designed for minerals flotation are available in different qualities.

Iron Ore Pelletization

RHEOLON® series of CMC can be used as an organic binder in Iron Ore Pelletization, being a substitute to what is traditionally used, Bentonite.

The advantages of using RHEOLON® CMC over bentonite are not only lower dosage or reduced silica content on the pellets but also positive effects on environment and energy consumption in pellet production.