{ Textile Industry

Textile Industry

RHEOLON® and USK® series of CMC are excellent film-forming agents, used for warp-sizing in textiles in order to provide high-strength to the cotton, rayon staple and polyester yarns, before they go into weaving phase in high speed looms.

The good solubility as well as problem-free wash off (desizing) characteristics of USK® and RHEOLON® CMC make them easy to work with in sizing mills. CMC suspension encapsulates the yarn in sizing process, eventually increasing the abrasion resistance to prevent breakage during the weaving.

√     Improved separation of warp-threads

√     Reduced dusting

√     Enhanced elasticity of the yarns

√    Lower temperature and fast desizing, are only a few advantages of using USK® and RHEOLON® series of CMC in textile sizing

In textile screen printing, USK® and RHEOLON® series of CMC help rheological properties of the printing paste by providing a homogenous distribution of the suspension (preventing dye migration) on the screen and its uniform flow through the screen openings.

USK® and RHEOLON® series of CMC designed for textile sizing and printing applications are available in different qualities.