{ Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen Peroxide

Test Method TitrationTitrationHeating-TitrationVisual
Unit(% m/m)(% H2SO4)(% m/m)
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE %30≥30≤0,040≥97Clear, colorless liquid
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE %35≥35≤0,040≥97Clear, colorless liquid
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE %50≥50≤0,040≥97Clear, colorless liquid
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE %60≥60≤0,045≥97Clear, colorless liquid
HYDROGEN PEROXIDE %70≥70≤0,045≥97Clear, colorless liquid
*Test methods can be shared if they are required.


Boiling Point (°C)106108114119125
Freezing Point (°C)-26-32-52-56-37,5
Active O2 Content (%)14,116,523,528,532,9
Relative density (20°C/4°C)1,111,131,191,241,29
Total Vapor Pressure (30°C) torr2524181411
Partial Vapor Pressure (30°C) torr0,250,30,60,91,3


  • In textile industry as a bleaching agent,
  • In pulp and paper industry as bleaching agent,
  • In chemical industry; in oxidation and hydroxylation reaction; also in the production of organic/inorganic peroxy compound like perasetic acid, sodium perborate, sodium percarbonate and calcium peroxide,
  • In environmental chemicals by waste water treatment as a detoxifying agent and provides dissolved oxygen,
  • In food processing for sterilization of packaging of milk, fruit, juices etc.,
  • In pharmaceutical industry as topical antiseptic and contact lens cleaner,
  • In cosmetics industry as hair bleaching and dye setting through oxidation,
  • In mining indusrty for removing poisonous effects of different mines,
  • In netallurgy industry for forming of metallic surface,
  • In pool chemicals for water cleaning and recovery.


  • Delivered in 65 kg plastic drums, 1 m3 IBC tanks and bulk in ISO containers.
  • Hydrogen Peroxide should be stored in a cool place, away from direct sunlight, heat and oxidizing agents.
  • Materials that are suitable for storage of hydrogen peroxide:
  • Stainless steel (304L/316 L)
  • Pure aluminum (min % 99,5)
  • Tantalum
  • Zirconium
  • Glass/Ceramic
  • Polyethylene and PVC (They can only be used for the concentrations up to 60 wt %)
  • Shelf life is one year.


  • Keep the empty containers sealed to prevent the penetration of any catalytically active contaminant.
  • Avoid the contact with organic material or oxidizable product. Even though the product is not flammable itself, the concentrated solution will act as a strong oxidizing agent and may ignite flammable materials.
  • Always keep sufficient water to wash the area, in case of an accidental leakage or spill. Aerate the place in order to remove the hydrogen peroxide vapor.
  • Wear a protective clothing, to avoid the corrosive effect of hydrogen peroxide on skin, mucous membranes and respiratory passages.
  • Please review Safety Data Sheet for safety precautions and legal warnings. Safety Data Sheet will be shared by sales represantative upon request.