Research & Development

Research & Development

Research & Development

Akkim Kimya is one of the leading raw material manufacturers in the Turkish chemical industry, with a track record of growth continuously. At Akkim Kimya, we use research and development to cement our position in the sector as a dynamic partner that develops innovative products and solutions, and creates value for the industry and its stakeholders.

Akkim R&D received “R&D Center” certification from the Turkish Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2013. Since its inception, our company has provided the national economy with low-cost chemical products manufactured using national resources, continuously iterating more systematically on our productive, innovative and entrepreneurial business structure.

Akkim R&D Center conducts its research and development operations at a 2700 square meter area, composed of an 1100 m2 lab and pilot facility with state-of-the-art technological equipment, and a 500 m2 front office. We conduct research and development on textile auxiliary chemicals, water and paper chemicals, concrete and asphalt admixtures, home and personal care products, and plastic additives, among others. We develop solutions in this are for partners from Turkey and around the world, and work towards our goal of becoming one of the largest companies in the performance chemicals and heavy chemicals markets.

Akkim R&D Center features more than 30 expert researchers with M.A. and PhD degrees in various sciences. We use the internationally accepted project management system “Stage Gate” to push forward new product ideas inspired by the needs of our customers. In this system, all project ideas are funneled through an assessment tunnel, and evaluated in detail in every aspect both technically and business-wise, resulting in strategically viable and innovative ideas that ensure customer satisfaction. We see our success in the success of our customers.

Akkim R&D Center is a pioneering company in the chemical industry with close to 10 national/international publications and 21 national/international patent applications.

Akkim was awarded the Certificate of Excellence as a finalist in 2017 and 2018 in the Innovation Strategy category in İnovaLİG, the first and most prestigious innovation development program in Turkey. Internationally, Akkim was named a National Winner in European Business Awards – one of the most prestigious awards in the European business world – earning the opportunity to compete against European companies in the Innovation department.

Akkim was named the second-best R&D Center by the Ministry of Industry and Technology in 2019.

In addition to the projects that Akkim conducts using its internal resources, nearly 20 of its projects have received support from TÜBİTAK-TEYDEB, the project monitoring and support system of the Scientific and Technological Research Council of Turkey. 25 national and international patent applications have been made so far. Innovation index is 18%.

We will continue to be a pioneering, know-how generating R&D Center where scientific information is converted into innovative commercial products, and we will continue to create value for our country by working harder and attaining greater achievements.