{ Milestones




  • Akkim started investing in Türkiye’s first epoxy resin production facility with an investment budget of $100 million.
  • In the Global Supply Chain sustainability assessment conducted by EcoVadis, Akkim managed to rise from the top 22% to the 2% of the suppliers in all categories.
  • In the Fortune Türkiye – CRIF Synesgy sustainability research, Akkim received the A-Excellent Level Sustainability certificate with its ESG (Environmental, Social, Corporate Governance) performance.


  • In line with the importance it attaches to inorganic growth opportunities, Akkim acquired 100% of USK Kimya, Türkiye’s largest carboxymethyl cellulose producer.  
  • Akkim Silikon Kimya was founded and started the production of high-tech silicone polymers.


  • Managed to rise from the Silver Recognition Level to the Gold Recognition Level in the Global Supply Chain sustainability assessment conducted by EcoVadis.
  • Became a Bluesign System Partner.
  • Entitled to receive the TSE Covid-19 Safe Production Certificate.
  • Dilovası and Osmaniye facilities were sold.


  • Managed to rise to the Silver Recognition Level in the Global Supply Chain sustainability assessment conducted by EcoVadis.
  • Selected as the National Champion in the innovation category at the European Business Awards.
  • Completed TFS (Together for Sustainability) Sustainable Supplier audit with a high score.
  • The R&D Center received the 2nd prize in the assessment conducted by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.
  • Ranked 120th in the Turkishtime R&D 250 Research, and Akkim was the 21st company that carried out the highest number of projects and the 50th company that obtained the highest number of patents.


  • The new performance chemicals facility with a capacity of 150,000 tons/year started production.
  • The 2018-2019 Sustainability Report of Akkim Kimya was awarded the Platinum Award by LACP (League of American Communications Professionals LLC).


  • A new persulfates facility with a capacity of 10,000 tons/year started production in Yalova.
  • A new hydrochloric acid facility with a capacity of 40,000 tons/year started its operations.
  • Acquired the chemical sales and marketing company Dinox in order to be close to customers in the European market and to expand its export activities.
  • Akcoat acquired Megacolor, one of the most important players in the ceramic industry in Spain.
  • Feralco shares in Akferal company were acquired and it became a 100% Akkim subsidiary. Dilovası and Osmaniye facilities started to operate on behalf of Akkim.


  • Entered the high-tech purification sector with the investment of ultrafiltration membrane module.


  • Acquired 100% shares of the Akcoat company.


  • Acquired the water treatment chemicals division of the Dostel Group.


  • Received the title of “R&D Center” from the Ministry of Industry and Technology of the Republic of Türkiye.
  • Established Akferal company by signing an equal share partnership with Feralco, Europe’s 2nd largest water chemicals and coagulant producer.


  • Started the production of concrete chemicals.
  • Signed the United Nations Global Compact.


  • Sodium percarbonate facility was put into operation.


  • Started the production of paper chemicals.


  • Attaching great importance to technology since its establishment, Akkim has started to export the know-how it has obtained as a result of the engineering efforts carried out within the company.


  • Hydrogen peroxide facility started production.


  • By signing the Responsible Care Program, became one of the first companies to implement the program in Turkey.


  • The chlor alkali facility with a capacity of 60,000 tons/year started its operations.


  • Started production of methylamines.


  • Started production of Textile Auxiliaries.


  • Started production of persulfate.


  • Founded on 05.10.1977, Akkim started to produce 1,000 tons/year of sulfur dioxide.