{ Food & Beverage Industry

Food & Beverage Industry

VISCOLOSE® series of Cellulose Gum (E466) is a water-soluble stabilizer and thickener for different food related applications.

Having being derived from natural cellulose, VISCOLOSE® Cellulose Gum is available in high purity; min. 99,5% complying with national and international regulations, it fulfills GMO-free requirements and comes with Halal, Kosher and FSSC 22000 certified.

When it is Food or Beverages, the question is how the cellulose gum can improve the final product properties and this is mostly related to the viscosity of the product in use.

The grades and functionality of the CMC can be tailored for specific uses such as for battery, pharmaceutical, food and personal care applications.

By choosing the right type of VISCOLOSE® CMC, end users can achieve the desired rheology for any aqueous system. 

VISCOLOSE® Cellulose Gum is available in different ranges of viscosity; low, medium and high. VISCOLOSE® Cellulose Gum is available with viscosities between 10 to 10.000 cps with various particle sizes in granular, powder or ultra-powder. Specific grades are also available upon request thanks to our R&D abilities and experienced team.

As being the sole manufacturer of food grade CMC in the region, these products are produced to strict quality standards at our modern facility located in the city of Aydin, Turkey.