We are Getting Stronger with the Companies That We Acquire!

  • 30 January 2021
We are Getting Stronger with the Companies That We Acquire!

Akkim strategic acquisition in Europe

Akkim, Turkey’s leading chemical company, purchased Dinox, a chemical sales and marketing company founded in the Germany city of Soest with a yearly revenue of 20 million Euros. With this acquisition, Akkim aims to reach its  customers in Europe directly, thereby increasing revenue and profitability and managing first-hand its REACH certification processes. Assessing the acquisition, Akkim CEO Onur Kipri said that more than half of Akkim’s international sales are carried out over Dinox, and the fact that the sales teams of both companies are working together would create synergy and new job opportunities.

Stating that the copmany is looking for firms from different parts of the world in order to continue its  inorganic growth, Onur Kipri said: “Akkim continues to grow. This year we will continue to take advantage of inorganic growth opportunities. There is another acquisition deal for the Gizem Frit company. We want to capitalize on such opportunities.”

Akkim Kimya grows with Gizem Frit

Offering products for various sectors such as textile, home car, chemistry and water treatment, Akkim aims to increase its product range and sales volume by entering the frit market.

Akkim Kimya, under Akkök Holding, aims to increase its production and service are by acquiring Gizem Frit, one of the largest enamel and ceramic frit manufacturers in the world.

In the press meeting held to announce the acquisition, Akkim Kimya CEO Onur Kipri noted that Akkim wants to enter new fields in order to preserve its leading position and take the company even further. Kipri said: “In order to effectively support the growth of our company, which has an important role in the chemical sector, we targeted the frit sector, which appealed to us with the size and scope of its market. As part our vision, we acquired Gizem Frit, the world’s third largest porcelain enamel frit manufacturer which is projected to grow %4 each year until 2018. We hope that this acquisition would help our company reach important achievements and reach our goals.”

Gizem Frit CEO Tolga Ballık said: “We thought that in order to continue our success, we would want to continue the investments that are needed under a corporate structure with sizable capital. Thanks to this acquisition, we aim to get stronger under Akkim, add new customers to our customer portfolio, and put even more emphasis on R&D efforts.

With this acquisition, Akkim aims to cement its leading position in the market by producing enamel and ceramic frits, which are applied on many products that have entered our daily lives such as home appliances, kitchen tools, as well as ceramic, aluminium and glass bottles.

Gizem Frit, one of the largest enamel and ceramic frit producers in the world, operates with its 300 employees in its Hendek facility, which has 30.000 m2 of closed space laid out in a 60.000 m2 land. Gizem Frit’s customers include global giants such as Bosch-Siemens, Electrolux, Ariston, Arçelik, Vestel, Beko, Whirlpool, and Indesit.

Akferal’s significant investment in water treatment

Akferal aims to increase its market share by acquiring the water treatment unit of Dostel Group.

Founded last year after Akkim Kimya, Turkey’s leading chemical company, and Feralco, Europe’s second largest water chemicals producer, joined forces, Akferal aims to increase its market share by procuring the water treatment unit of Dostel Group.

With this acquisition, which was conducted on Wednesday, December 3, 2014, Akferal expands the its product portfolio and becomes the owner of two factories in Gebze and Osmaniye that previously belonged to Dostel. By adding Aluminium Sulphates to its product range, Akferal will be able to provide its customer with a perfect arsenal of products in terms of inorganic coagulants.

With this acquisition – which will contribute a lot to the development of water chemicals in Turkey – Akferal inches closer to becoming a regional leader in the water treatment sector.

Akkim Kimya and Feralco join forces to establish AKFERAL

Akkim Kimya continues to develop its product range with its investments and R&D efforts. Adding to its 36 years’ worth of achievements in the sector, Akkim Kimya joined forces with Feralco – Europe’s second largest water chemicals producer that operates with its facilities in eight countries and treats the tap water of approximately 100 million people – on an equal-share basis to establish AKFERAL.

As Akkim Kimya signs this partnership with its 36 years of experience, integrated production facilities, large customer base in the market and expertise in its field, while Feralco brings its technology and expertise in the field of water chemicals to Turkey. With this agreement, Akkim is able to diversify its products in the field of water chemicals, while continuing to offer integrated solutions to businesses with technical services.

With this cooperation with Feralco, which was carried out as part of Akkim Kimya’s main strategy of growth through expansion to near regions in heavy chemicals and diversification in performance chemicals, Akkim Kimya will also be making a significant contribution to the development of the water chemicals field and Turkey’s chemicals sector at large. AKFERAL will be producing its products at the Akkim Kimya facilities located in Yalova.