Our sodium percarbonate production capacity increased to 40,000 tons/year!

Our sodium percarbonate production capacity increased to 40,000 tons/year!

  • 30 January 2021

Sodium Percarbonate (SPC) is used globally for the following purposes:


During the long period of time in which the functional and environmental advantages of sodium percarbonatehad not yet been discovered, sodium perborate was used as bleacher in powder detergents for automatic washing machines and dishwashers. In time, it was discovered that this matter caused algae in water sources and threatened wildlife due to the borate (eutrophication). Although Sodium Perborate is still being used, most detergent producers started to use Sodium Percarbonate in detergent and stain remover compounds thanks to its functional advantage and environment-friendly qualities.

Another reason for this product’s popularity is that it has higher solubility in lower temperatures and therefore it saves energy by achieving high cleaning performance at 40 degrees Celsius. Since Sodium Percarbonate possesses bleacher and water softener qualities, it is used in powder detergents and cosmetics.

Industrial Sterilization:
With the active oxygen content, Sodium Percarbonate kills germs. It is used in food and pharmaceuticals industry for sterilization during facility cleaning processes.

It is used in dyeing and bleaching processes.

While bleaching cellulose pulp, minimum resistance loss is required. Therefore, Sodium Percarbonateis preferred as a bleacher.

Sodium Percarbonate may be used in free radicals polymerization processes as the polymerization inducer.